Up-scaling Enterprise Management Skills

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Pillar: Health Entrepreneurship

Program Status: Active


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Moi University School of Public Health and School of Business and Economics in Collaboration with the University of Toronto invites you to a Seminar on Up-scaling Enterprise Management Skills.

Over the past few years, entrepreneurship has gained popularity as a viable alternative to traditional office employment, providing job security to a significant number of individuals.

Active from Aug-Dec 2023.

Active ventures will continue to be mentor in H2i-Hent post the program.

Moi University, in partnership with Health Innovation Hub (H2i), co-created a Hackathon and Bootcamp program to enable entrepreneurs to onboard their ventures and participate in training modules.

The program flow is as follows:

Flow of the Programme:


  • 1-22 September: Training first of the registered ventures/potential entrepreneurs run 3 weeks program
  • 25-29 September: Debrief of training and finalizing the Hackathon teams.
  • 2 October: Top entrepreneurs announced
  • 3-25 October: Ventures/Entrepreneurs given time to work on Decks and have mentor sessions in preparation for Hackathon with MOI mentors and H2i(Paul and mentors)


  • 26-27 October: 2-day Hackathon
  • 30-31 October: Hackathon Debrief


  • 1-3 November: Registration for Bootcamp
  • 6- 17 November: 10-day Bootcamp pilot program- can enroll ventures in H2i.

End -Program Debrief

  • 19-23 November: Feedback of Program
  • 27-30 November: Auditing Program

Partners Involved

H2i is a commercial accelerator that educates, enables, partners, and facilitates early-stage entrepreneurs in the commercialization of health matters.

To preserve, create and disseminate knowledge; conserve and develop scientific, technological and cultural heritage through quality teaching and research; to create conducive work and learning environment and to work with stakeholders for the betterment of the Society.

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Associate Professor, School of Business and Economics Coordinator, UNESCO Chair on Enterprise Management and Sustainability


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Interantional Programs and Communications Coordinator


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University of Toronto

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Charles Lagat, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Business and Economics Coordinator, UNESCO Chair on Enterprise Management and Sustainability

Moi University

Professor Charles Lagat is an Associate Professor in the School of Business & Economics, Moi University, Kenya since 2002.

He has previously served as the Director for Directorate of International Programmes, Linkages & Alumni as Head of Marketing Department and as coordinator of different projects at Moi University. Charles had over 6 years industry experience in marketing and sales prior to joining the University. He has had international experience as a visiting scholar at Oklahoma State University USA, Netherlands and as visiting Professor in Donghua University, China. Charles has been actively involved in research in fields of management sciences, entrepreneurship, marketing and logistics. He has published papers in refereed journals and presented in international conferences, workshops and seminars. He is a Member of the Association of International Universities serving as an Ambassador for the African region, a Full Member of the Kenya Institute of Management and the Marketing Society of Kenya.


Amanda Dlamini

Interantional Programs and Communications Coordinator

University of Toronto

Amanda Dlamini is H2i’s International Program & Communications Coordinator, with 8 years of experience in communications, driven with a passion to empower entrepreneurs.

Having successfully collaborated in projects back in South Africa which focused on diabetes awareness through an NGO, employing stakeholder engagement, events management and in the private sector with consumer goods, in communications and public relations. Dlamini emphasizes continuously innovating and agile communications as the key piece of any business’ ability to successfully engage with the target audience. She holds a Master of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.