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Pillar: Health Entrepreneurship

Program Status: Active


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The Health Entrepreneurship (HENT) African Impact Challenge is an entrepreneurial training program focused on developing social impact ventures in Africa, with a particular focus on health innovations. The program is designed to support young people with brilliant ideas that can make positive changes in their communities and the African economy as a whole. This program is designed to support African entrepreneurs that are at various stages of development, from the ideation stage to growth stage and generating revenue.

The goal of the Challenge is to enable sustainable development in the health sector by investing in African entrepreneurs and empowering them to solve identified problems through impact entrepreneurship with an aim to address the following:

  • Youth unemployment on the African continent
  • Creation of sustainable health-centered, technology-enabled solutions to Africa’s biggest challenges, that target non-consumption populations by increasing affordability, access, and adoption through market-creating innovations
  • Provision of additional resources and support to African startups to bring their ideas to life and to succeed in the African market.

Partners Involved

This program is run by the African Impact Initiative, in partnership with The Bridge, an accelerator at the Department of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough. It is open to all students and alumni of the Africa Higher Education Health Collaborative Institutions and their affiliated partners.

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Photo of JesusMiracle Chiadika

Regional Lead (Health Employment), International Research Officer

Photo of Celestine Nema

Program Coordinator, Entrepreneurship & Work Integrated Learning – Management Department; Projects Lead – African Impact Initiative

Photo of Jamila Parker-Ismail

Program Coordinator, African Impact Initiative

Photo of Sharon Ngugi

Marketing Manager, African Impact Initiative


JesusMiracle Chiadika, M.Ed.

Regional Lead (Health Employment), International Research Officer

University of Toronto

JesusMiracle is the Regional Lead (Health Employment), International Research Officer at the Office of the Vice-President International, University of Toronto. She is also completing a PhD in Higher Education with a collaborative specialization in Comparative, International and Development Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She graduated with an M.Ed. in Higher Education, and has an inter-disciplinary background in the arts, psychology and entrepreneurship. She has lived on three continents which impacted her worldview and interests in understanding education from a global perspective. Having worked extensively with international students, she is interested in understanding how internationalization policies impact their experiences on an institutional level, and how institutions can improve the services and supports provided to students.


Celestine Nema

Program Coordinator, Entrepreneurship & Work Integrated Learning - Management Department; Projects Lead - African Impact Initiative

African Impact Challenge

Celestine Nema is a Program Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Work-Integrated Learning at The BRIDGE, an entrepreneurship accelerator in the Management Department at the University of Toronto, Scarborough.

She also acts as the Projects Lead for the African Impact Initiative, a University of Toronto partner that runs the African Impact Challenge, a startup incubator program that  supports young African entrepreneurs to create viable solutions for the most pressing challenges within their communities. Celestine’s career spanned public service for almost a decade before pivoting her career to focus on her passion for entrepreneurship, youth education, and youth development.


Jamila Parker-Ismail

Program Coordinator, African Impact Initiative

African Impact Challenge

In her role as Program Coordinator, Jamila assumes a pivotal role, diligently overseeing, co-managing, and orchestrating the implementation of business development initiatives at The African Impact Initiative.

She brings years of experience to the realm of Program Incubation, where her primary focus lies in nurturing Entrepreneurial Development. Jamila’s profession is underscored by her exceptional organizational acumen, a knack for fostering team synergy and networks. Her portfolio extends across multiple African countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini, Mozambique, Lesotho, Kenya, and Nigeria.


Sharon Ngugi

Marketing Manager, African Impact Initiative

African Impact Challenge

Sharon Ngugi, a distinguished Pan African Change Leader and Marketing Guru, is committed to driving positive change across Africa through the art of storytelling. As the Marketing Manager for the African Impact Initiative, she harnesses her multifaceted skills to inspire transformation.

A “Brand Whisperer” and “Favorite Storyteller,” Sharon recognizes that stories possess the extraordinary power to ignite social change. She masterfully employs storytelling to amplify the impact of the African Impact Initiative’s projects. Sharon’s narratives not only raise awareness but also forge genuine connections with audiences, motivating them to become catalysts for change.

Recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice & Influencer, Sharon utilizes her influential platform to share compelling stories of resilience, progress, and hope from Africa. Her dedication to illuminating these narratives has not only expanded the Initiative’s outreach but has also ignited thought-provoking dialogues about the continent’s potential.

Sharon’s innovative marketing strategies, coupled with her passion for storytelling, position her as a driving force behind the organization’s growth and success. Her ability to seamlessly blend storytelling with impactful marketing has not only made her an industry influencer but has also led to tangible change within African communities.

Through her visionary leadership and distinctive approach, Sharon inspires others to join the African Impact Initiative’s journey toward a brighter, more prosperous future for Africa.