About Us

Driven by Collaboration,
Focused on Health Transformation

A Collaborative anchored in Africa

We are building on existing networks to ensure local knowledge and expertise are prioritized to create exponential impact. The Health Collaborative features a networked approach that allows the partners to reach across borders and sectoral divisions to collectively address health sector challenges in the African context. We leverage the power of institutions as sites of knowledge exchange, community collaboration, and cross-sector partnerships, and endorse the key missions of learning, teaching, research, community service, and outreach.

Our Value of Partnership

Together, through core partners and strategic alliances of ecosystem partners (corporations, government ministries, industry, NGOs, and healthcare providers), we amplify our potential and transform healthcare landscapes.

Goals and Methods

Born from a commitment to fostering  inclusive, sustainable, and impactful health-focused initiatives, the Health Collaborative represents a fusion of bright minds and leading institutions.

With over 80 comprehensive training programs for healthcare professionals, our collaborative efforts extend to groundbreaking research and cultivating a vibrant network of emerging young professionals. We champion local, indigenous solutions to confronting Africa’s primary health care and global health challenges. Our vision is bold, our programs are diverse but united to foster transformative change to health systems in Africa.

Together, we are committed to and partnership invested in co-creating diverse programs and initiatives paving the way designed to foster for innovative and sustainable health solutions and growth in Africa’s health sector.


AHEHC Pillar Advisory Committee (PAC)

Our governance structure is strengthened by an Executive Steering Committee, supported by dedicated Advisory Committees for each of our three core program pillars.

Governance – Executive Steering Committee (ESC)