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Pillar: Health Entrepreneurship

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The Train the Trainer program is designed to equip professors and lecturers with the knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, enabling them to effectively educate students on becoming successful entrepreneurs.

H2i will partner with AIMS in curating programs for the trainer.

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We are dedicated to constructing the University of the 21st century, providing Africa’s most promising students with essential skills in critical thinking and problem-solving to address global challenges. Our offerings include a world-class Master’s program in Mathematical Sciences, featuring specializations in climate science and machine intelligence, along with a cooperative (co-op) education option. This co-op education equips AIMS students with technical expertise to contribute solutions to both the public and private sectors.

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Interantional Programs and Communications Coordinator

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Centre for Reimagined Africa (CRA)

University of Toronto

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Amanda Dlamini

Interantional Programs and Communications Coordinator

University of Toronto

Amanda Dlamini is H2i’s International Program & Communications Coordinator, with 8 years of experience in communications, driven with a passion to empower entrepreneurs.

Having successfully collaborated in projects back in South Africa which focused on diabetes awareness through an NGO, employing stakeholder engagement, events management and in the private sector with consumer goods, in communications and public relations. Dlamini emphasizes continuously innovating and agile communications as the key piece of any business’ ability to successfully engage with the target audience. She holds a Master of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.