Wisdom Mawuenyefia Amenyo

In my vision for Africa’s youth, positivity reigns, and ground-breaking ideas are the norm.

I see a future where avenues for talent, knowledge, and skills flourish, particularly in health, education, and energy. As a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, I’m on the path to becoming a frontline changemaker, contributing to these transformative avenues. The satisfaction lies in collaborating with interdisciplinary, impact-driven individuals united by the goal of uplifting Africa. The Scholar experience goes beyond academics, instilling professionalism, social responsibility, and robust networking. Embarking on my MEng in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in Regenerative Medicine, Cardiovascular Mechanics, and Clinical Engineering Instrumentation, feels like turning dreams into reality. The support and coaching from colleagues, faculty, and administration create a nurturing environment that ensures dreams become tangible achievements.