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News & Events

Venture Spotlight: Medical Street

Transforming the healthcare industry with their innovative features, including their AI-powered hospital and patient management system.

Venture Spotlight: MedPack

MedPack is a mobile application that aims to simplify the process of ordering and receiving medications and health products by reducing barriers to access for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Venture Spotlight: Syna Consultancy

Syna Consultancy was created after a conversation with the parent of child with cerebral palsy who was advocating for a hygienic and dependable bathroom solution.

Venture Spotlight: MOTO

MOTO, a quick and affordable solution for individuals experiencing minor medical emergencies, especially for those in remote and under-served areas.

Venture Spotlight: ATradezone

Using blockchain and AI to streamline African manufacturing to focus on entering the Canadian healthcare sector and expanding into Africa.