Venture Spotlight: MedPack

The Health Entrepreneurship (HENT) Challenge’s first cohort is getting ready for their upcoming visit to Toronto, where they will continue their implementation phase through activities targeting business development, expanding entrepreneurial networks and facilitating exposure to potential investors.

In the meantime, the HENT Communications team caught up with the ventures from the first HENT Challenge cohort to learn more about the origins of their companies, what they’ve learned to date, and what is coming up next…


Esta Kalinga, Johnson Thomson and Henry Mathayo had noticed a gap in pharmaceutical distribution in many parts of Africa. They saw that this gap was resulting in issues of accessibility, affordability and worsening health outcomes. They realized that given their backgrounds working in pharmaceutical areas, they had insight into the complexity of regulations, supply chains, and customer needs. Using this expertise and their connections and relationships within the industry, the team created MedPack, a healthcare technology platform that seeks to address the challenge of poor healthcare accessibility and affordability throughout Africa.

MedPack is a mobile application that aims to simplify the process of ordering and receiving medications and health products by reducing barriers to access for patients and healthcare providers alike. By streamlining inventory management and optimizing supply chains, MedPack hopes to improve the availability and affordability of essential health products, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for users.

What is the accomplishment to date that your team is most proud of?  

MedPack has achieved several notable accomplishments that our team is proud of. We have successfully launched two mobile apps, MedPack for Patients and MedPack for Business, with over 2000 and 500 users, respectively. Additionally, MedPack has participated in several accelerator programs such as the African Impact Challenge (AIC) and Wazo Challenge, where we were among the finalists and awarded funds to support our growth. Recently, MedPack won the Youth-Led Startup in Technology 2022 TEYA Award, further highlighting the team’s commitment to innovation and excellence. These accomplishments demonstrate MedPack’s potential for growth and make our venture an attractive candidate for pre-seed funding.

If you could give advice to another founder getting started, what would that be?  

Focus on solving a real problem and delivering value to customers. Be persistent and willing to learn from failures. Network and seek advice from other founders and industry experts. Be adaptable and willing to pivot your business strategy as needed.

Looking forward, MedPack plans to expand their reach and impact by increasing their user base and partnerships with health facilities and organizations. The company also plans to explore new markets beyond Tanzania and introduce new products to its portfolio that will address other healthcare challenges. Additionally, MedPack is seeking to raise funds to support its growth and sustainability.

You can learn more about MedPack

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