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Pillar: Health Employment

Program Status: Active


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The Women in Global Health Leadership Fellowship Program (WGHLF) is a 12-month hybrid initiative crafted to enhance the leadership capabilities of talented African women who are dedicated to promoting gender equity in global health systems.

This fellowship encompasses a comprehensive curriculum encompassing global health policy, leadership, knowledge translation, and mentorship skills. It is delivered by experts through innovative lectures, case studies, role plays, workshops, discussion forums, and reflective exercises. The program is also enriched by the guidance and support of a remarkable group of mentors.

Throughout the program, participants can anticipate acquiring knowledge and skills in the following key competencies:

  • Gender Equity and Intersectional Analysis: The ability to apply an intersectional and/or gender equity lens to health systems and/or health systems research.
  • Global Health Policy and Advocacy: The ability to work around policy development, communication, cohesion, and advocacy to address the political environment and organizational culture of health institutions.
  • Leadership: The ability to create a vision which empowers others, fosters collaboration, lead, guide decision-making and support diverse team members, to recognize and challenge gender inequity within their organization.
  • Mentorship: The ability to develop and realize their leadership potential, their skillset, recognize opportunities for change, and optimize institutional resources to promote gender equity through their work.

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The Women in Global Health Leadership Fellowship was developed by a group of academics committed to improving the skill set, knowledge and experiences of talented early and mid-career women.


For any inquiries, please contact womengh.dlsph@utoronto.ca

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