Interdisciplinary Gaming Skills in the Health Entrepreneurship Context (Technology)

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Pillar: Health Entrepreneurship

Program Status: Coming Soon


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Students and alumni in the collaborative can enroll in the elective course to learn gaming skills to create games that aid the learning of health entrepreneurship. The purpose of this course is to provide students with guided practice in creating simple games that teach/reinforce information skills. The games produced will be used to teach in the Ashesi Health Initiative.

The value of incorporating gamification in classes is that it notably improves students’ learning process and their motivation. Gaming contributes to the better acquisition of knowledge and professional content and enhances academic performance.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • transform typical academic components into gaming themes
  • use research to understand potential gaming user’s motivation
  • use interdisciplinary work and transmedia narratives to create gaming
  • analyse the functionality of gamification for the development of interdisciplinary learning strategies with transmedia elements
  • create a genuine gamified learning experience that provides more engaging and effective learning.

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