Yvonne Opanga

Ms. Yvonne Opanga is a Research, Learning, and Impact Technical Advisor at Amref Health Africa and also contributes to the training of healthcare workforce in her capacity as an Adjunct Faculty at the Amref International University, School of Public Health.

She is the secretary of the Amref Ethics and Scientific Review Committee, where she coordinates the activities of the IRB secretariat. She is a public health researcher with more than 12 years’ experience in implementation research, Impact evaluations, health systems research, and Bioethics.

Ms. Opanga has a keen interest in research that addresses emerging trends across the health system continuum in the context of Primary Healthcare. Her aim is to drive research that contributes to effective corrective measures addressing Contextual and systemic disparities, including operation bottlenecks affecting the functionality of Primary Health Care Systems in vulnerable contexts in Kenya.

Ms. Opanga has participated as a co-investigator in more than 20 studies and published 19+ publications in local and international peer-reviewed journals. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics, a Master of Science in Public Health, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Biomedical Ethics (Research, Public Health, and Clinical Ethics), and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Bioethics with Anahuac University Mexico (Universidad Anáhuac).